The Prestigious vineyards

2.500 hectares of own vineyards

The great quality of the wines that are produced at the Cantina Sociale Uvam is intimately connected with the intrinsic value of the fine vineyards and with the scrupulous care to which they are exposed. The company has 2500 hectares of own vineyards in Marsala, divided in vineyards with red berry and vineyards with white berry. The vineyards are on the west Sicily, in the hill area between the 150 and the 500 metres on the sea level, in the countryside of Marsala and Salemi. The vineyards from which the fine wines come of the Uvam include local and international varieties. Their high quality features derive not only from the high versatility of the claying and calcareous grounds, but also from the excellentavailability that marks the specific cultivation area and from the favourable temperature conditions, that are suitable for the perfect ripening of the fruits and the day and night thermal excursion that exalts the organoleptic features of the product.

The grape harvest is done manually, following scrupulously the traditional producing phases that are typical of the pioneers who founded it in 1930. The red grapes that are harvested, according to the wine variety, from the first to the fourth week of September and conveniently selected, are rationally transformed into must and the pressed product that is obtained, is exposed to a more or less long maceration (till two weeks), the product is sharpened, first in the stainless steel and then in the barrels.

The white grapes instead are gathered according to the variety, in the first ten days of August and till the fourth week of September, selecting with accuracy the bunches. From the first experiences and always following rigorously the tradition, began a process that was based on the mechanization of the processes and the constant improvement of the techniques of the wine production. The pressing and the formation of the must are actually obtained after the thermo-conditioning of the grapes and/or of the pressed product, using a horizontal press machine that separates the fruit from the stalk, that works in a soft way and using pneumatic presses with a low working pressure, that allow to obtain clear musts (<150 NTU) and facilitate the diffusion of the aromas and of their precursors that are present in the cells of the peels of the grape. The fermentation at a controlled temperature (about 16-18° C), the storage and the refinement of the product, in a thermo-regulated location and its protection under inert gas atmosphere, allow to exalt the visual, olfactory and gustatory privileges of the obtained wines.

The Uvam can count on the best selection of the vineyards in Marsala. Thanks to the deep relationship with the territory that derives from the tradition, to the deep respect for the wine variety, characteristic of the people who love and know them, it can always product wines that are able to give each palate and sense of smell, a unique experience. This experience will be able to satisfy the most demanding clientele too.