Sicilian RED Wine "NERO D'AVOLA" of Marsala

Ruby red with an excellent aromatic legacy

The Cantina Sociale Uvam is the ideal place where you can taste the fine Nero d’Avola of Marsala. It is a wine that was discovered about at the end of the 18thcentury by a Florentine librarian, called Domenico Sistini, who, studying the varieties of the vineyards of the area of Siracusa, realized that this kind of grapevine produced a high quality wine. Later, towards the end of 1800, France became the best buyer of the wine produced with the Nero d’Avola, making of it a particular use in a bland with the wines of Bougrogne and the Gironda. Today the Nero d’Avola occupies the first place among the vine varieties with a black berry that are implanted in Sicily and thanks to the perfect climatic conditions, able to express all its potentiality, it is concentrated in the area of the provinces of Trapani, Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Siracusa. At the Uvam it is possible to taste a ruby red Nero d’Avola of Marsala that presents an excellent aromatic legacy, composed of intense fruity, flowery and spicy sensations with an equilibrated and pleasant taste, thanks to the full-bodied standard of the extracts and to the good fixed acidity. It combines with meat based dishes, roasts and game in general.

The technical specifications are shown below:

Classification: Typical geographic indication

Vine variety: Nero d’Avola or Calabrian (original name “Calarvisi” that means grapes of the territory of Avola)

Production area: West Sicily

Implantation year: 1993

Altimetric quota
: 150 metres on the sea level

Kind of the terrain: clayish-calcareous

The plant’s yield: about 2.5 kilos

Cultivation system
: against espalier

Pruning system: cordon ram

Anti-parasites fight: integrated

Grape harvest: first ten days of September

Harvest ways: manually, with accurate selection of the grapes

Wine-making: separating the fruits from the stalks, pressing, maceration for about 8/12 days that coincides with the alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 25° C for the first 6 days at 28° C for the remaining time

Fermentation: the thermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks containing 500 hl
Refinement: in stainless steel containers, in barrels of 100 litres and six months in bottles at a controlled temperature

Alcoholic standard: 13,5 % Vol.

Service temperature: 18/20° C