Sicilian white wine CHARDONNAY of MARSALA

Apple sensations and equilibrated flavour

The Cantina Sociale Uvam is the ideal place where you can taste the refined Chardonnay of Marsala. It is a wine that originates in the region of the Bourgogne in France. Its vine variety that has been registered in the National Catalogue of the wine varieties since 1978, has spread in Sicily where it expresses its best quality features in the fresh and aired locations, preferring the hill grounds and the claying and calcareous ones. It lastly provides wines that have rather high strength. The Chardonnay of Marsala, produced by Uvam, is a wine that has a straw yellow colour, strong and crystal clear. It presents flowery scents and intense, persistent fruity aromas, that have apple sensations with a dry, soft and well equilibrated flavour. It complies perfectly with fish, crustaceans and light entrées.

The technical specifications are shown below:

Classification: Typical geographic indication

Vine variety: Chardonnay

Production area: West Sicily

Implantation year: 1995

Altimetric quota: 400/500 metres on the sea level

Kind of the terrain: middle mixture tending to the clayish, with a good degree of fertility

The plant’s yield: about 1,5 kilos

Cultivation system: espalier

Pruning system: cordon ram

Anti-parasites fight: integrated

Grape harvest: 10 – 20 August

Harvest ways: manually, during the first hours in the morning, the grapes are put into specific baskets, with limited contents in order not to create undesired breakages of the grapes 

Wine-making: pressing, separating the fruits from the stalks, cryo-maceration of about 10 hours with the peel, supplying of external enzymes with betaglicosidasic activities, in order to separate all the aromatic precursor contents, that are present in the grapes, from the sugars, soft pressing static decantation of the must, inoculating of the selected yeasts and thermo-regulated fermentation at 16° C

Refinement: in stainless steel containers

Alcoholic standard: 14 % Vol.

Service temperature
: 8/10° C