The prestigious wines

Founded in the far 1930 by the efforts of a group of pioneers, the Uvam is the first example of wine cooperative in Sicily. The acronym U.V.A.M. means Winemakers Union of the countryside area of Marsala. Four are the wines that constitute the distinctive elements of the wine production of the Cantina Sociale Uvam in Marsala: the Sirah, the Grillo, the Nero d’Avola and the Chardonnay.

Monte delle rose Syrah


The Syrah is a ruby red wine, with violet shades. With an intense and lasting aroma, important spicy marks and hot, harmonic and equilibrated flavour, it complies well with meat dishes, roasts game in general and aged cheese.

Monte delle rose Grillo


The Grillo is a characteristic straw yellow wine. It presents an intense and persistent aroma, with flower and fruity marks with a well-equilibrated flavour among the dry, the full and the soft. It perfectly complies with fish dishes and light entrées.

Monte delle rose d'Avola

Nero d’Avola

The Nero d’Avola is a ruby red wine. It presents an excellent aromatic legacy composed of intense fruity flower and spicy sensations with an equilibrated and tasty flavour thanks to a full-bodied standard of extracts and to the good fixed acidity. It complies with meat based dishes, roasts and game in general.

Monte delle rose Chardonnay


The Chardonnay is a straw yellow, strong and crystal clear wine. Itpresents flowery scents and intense, persistent fruits, that have apple sensations with a dry, soft and well equilibrated flavour. It complies perfectly with fish, crustaceans and light entrées.